Who else hates wet lettuce?

It seems that some kitchen gadgets and I do not get along. Take the humble lettuce spinner. I've broken one the second time I've used it. I've even lost one in my kitchen without so much as a blink of an eye. Where it went is anyone's guess. SO I'm quite hesitant to purchase another commercial product for this when a couple paper towels in the bottom of my T*pperware salad bowl and a couple on the top of the freshly washed salad greens, before snapping on one of those great lids, and shake up and down a few times. Open it up, remove the now wet towels and start dressing your greens. I've never broken down the price of a single sheet of toweling so I'm not sure at what point I'm past breaking even. Something to consider on a slow day.


Jennifer Brown said...

I've totally switched the the pre bagged and cut lettuce. Unless it's summer and I've grown my own from the patio.

We eat lots of salad here, and it's healthy, so I validate the cost with those two things.


Lesley said...

Salad spinning is something Alex really likes to do, I chop he sprays and spins. It's a good system.