Does someone know something I don't?

Not sure why but for the past few months I've been receiving emailed newsletters for Today's Parents or something very similar.  As far as unsolicited emails, I guess this is pretty harmless compared to what some folks have experienced. I'm sure it's informative and such but there will be no more babies for this couple unless we adopt.  Years ago we looked at it but met a brick wall because of our lifestyle.  Seems we moved about too often for the system to consider us.  How short sighted of them.  We moved for a very good reason, like Joe serving his country!  Perhaps if we were younger we would reconsider but for know I do enjoy spoiling the grandchildren.

Now that this is 'out there' I wonder if serendipity has other plans.  It did once before.  After losing a beloved dog to cancer, we said no more.  Then the phone rang and all the stars lined up and we welcomed Cody into the family.  We've lost her as well.  I think of her often and wonder if another will find its way into our home.  Perhaps.

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Krista G Johnston said...

Often times pets pick us before we can pick them! Spirit wandered onto the proterty of one of Mom's friends almost 20 years ago and they couldn't keep her so they asked Mom to take her. Mom respectfully declined and then Spirit jumped into the car and sat on the passanger seat expectantly! She chose Mom and was a beloved family member untill her passing a few months ago :)Sometimes, it's just meant to be!