Snow Day

We had a lovely visit with Jeff, who arrived here as the snow was melting. It was so nice out outside that we barbequed supper. The guys had steaks and I had marinaded portobello mushrooms. Our overnight weather forecast was filled with doom and gloom, freezing rain turning to snow. 

Well that never happened. When I looked out the window @ 5:30, it was the same as when I went to bed. However...and here's the infamous BUT. 

As Joe was heading out the door shortly before 7 the first flakes began to fall. About 20 minutes later, Joe called to say he just reached Hwy 37 overpass and had driven into the equivalent of a wall of snow. St Albert had already received about 12 cm of snow by 7:30.

By noon, I had about 20 cm of snow down in the driveway. Road reports were warning drivers to stay home or at least take extra time and drive to the conditions. Some hills were closed to anyone without snow tires. Residential bus service was suspended for a while. 

Jeff was headed in the opposite direction and was hopefully ahead of the snow. It was a good day to reorganize the china cabinet!

Hwy 28 near Namao @ 10 am. Photo by Kim Starkey Gosselin

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