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Just when I thought life would slip back into a comfortable and predictable routine, stuff crops up.

Our nephew who had stayed with us ~ 4 years ago wanted steady work so called his Unka Joe. Unka Joe got things in motion and soon he was heading to the bus depot to pick the young man up. The next day, both headed into work. Things were marvelous. 

Then the phone rang. DD2 was called about rescheduling her knee surgery. The first opening was in 2.5 days and the other just before Christmas. She called wondering what to do because she would have to make arrangements for her day home kiddies. I had a clear week so suggested she take the first option. The other was too close to the weekend and holidays and who knows if her surgeon is a skier! The slopes of Banff can call pretty loudly! 

So with a snowstorm headed our way, I rescheduled my DR appointment, packed my bag and headed out. The snow never happened but I had a extra day to get acquainted with the kids and their routines. The kids now ask where's Nannie! 

The next evening after the nephew left on the bus for the oilfields and lots of work, hubby calls me. He's locked out of the house. He has his key. got the deadbolt unlocked but the actually door know wouldn't budge. Our local locksmith has moved away, all the windows were latched so...a window had to be broken. In the middle of our white cold wintery autumn. So he broke one and got into the house. Lots of glass to clean up, a frightened cat to coddle and a 2'x3' hole to cover. The replacement window unit is now ordered, and the defective part from Weiser locks is on its way via courier. 

Surgery went well. My solo winter trip was attentively with winter tires and you will get home safely. I still find the occasional glass shard - it shattered much like a windshield. The nephew is loving his new job and accommodations. I wonder if it was serendipity that he has the holidays off, with a pay in his pocket. Yesterday we got the new improved internet router installed.  Just have to reconfigure the wireless printer. DD1's parcel is on its way. The house is decked out. Company arriving tonight and a small dinner party tomorrow with dear friends. 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend. I'm posting this and then baking butter tarts.

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