Friendship is a journey of time,love and memories. 

And did we enjoy ourselves this past weekend. Our dear friend Marsha was in town visiting her family over the holidays. After juggling schedules, we had her over along with her DGD Jenn and 'adopted' DGD Tanya for dinner. 

Well Joe did all the cooking and what a feast it was, prime rib, Yorkshire pudding, potatoes and gravy, mashed rutabaga with a pineapple cheesecake to finish. We sat and ate and chatted and just laughed as hard as we could. Just as I started to clear the plates, Tanya shyly asked she hadn't had any pudding? She wasn't aware that Yorkshire pudding is a popover. She was looking for a creamy bowl of something. She experienced something new. She had one and she ate it but but never knew what it was called. 

Later as I was prepping tea & coffee and chatting more with Marsha, Joe took the girls downstairs for an after dinner refreshment. When they returned for dessert, Tanya asked if those funny words on the mantel were a Harry Potter spell. Again...laughter until we almost cried. 

Never Unprepared ~ Danger is Sweet

This is in fact our family mottoes! Before we knew it, it was time for them to leave. They left us with more happy memories of a great time spent together and the hope for more to come!

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Tootsie said...

sounds like a wonderful day was had by all!!! I hope you have been enjoying the winter weather! lol...happy new year my friend!