What a waste!

This speaks to me on so many levels. Yesterday while sorting and purging years of outdated paper files, I had a series  of vicious  negative thoughts running around in my head.  It wasn't until I was waiting for the paper shredder to cool down that I actually realized what I was doing to myself. I usually try and not let bad vibes in, but there they were. Now to shake it off, release to the world and get back into my happy place.

I'm pleased with my paper purge so far.  Shredded a large black trash bag worth of files.  The experts are right when they say 80% of the papers we tend to keep are never looked at again.  My family knows I'm the type to keep everything and compare my notes.  However yesterday something clicked while I was reviewing past utility bills.  Before I had even made spreadsheets like my father would do comparing each month's usage, rates, and such.  Then it hit me.  Our world is ever changing and with floating (sometimes daily) utility rates, why am I trying to cage something so fluid???  It wasn't going to work so why spend that energy attempting a Houdini like stunt? So I'm just keeping a year's worth of bills.  When this January's arrives, I'll do a quick comparison to Jan 2012, then shred Jan 2012, pay Jan 2013 and file that.  My file folder should never have more than 12 sheets of paper. I'll do this for all the bills I still get via snail mail. You have to love ebills and the fact thay my provider will hold up to 7 years of records, at no cost.  Hello space in the file drawer!!!!  I no longer print anything unless I feel the need to make a special note for future reference aka a major $$$ purchase.

I feel lighter and less cluttered already! Go and enjoy the day!

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