MIA no more

Seems my family blog was missed.  For that I do apologize. There are no excuses for this lapse.  Partly I lost interest in it, got busy with other offline activities and ran out of stuff to say.

Here's a little catch up. 

Our first snowfall happened Nov 2. A storm had been predicted but it didn't materialize here, just a light dusting.  I have yet to experience my first winter driving of 2013-2014. 

I signed up for a pay it forward project in January.  I pay it forward to 5 of which only 1 has been done. The other four are well underway and are Christmassy so will be out in the mail in two weeks or so.  These "things" all have to be homemade.  I have yet to receive my gift. I hope they haven't forgotten.

After years of not using the wood fireplace in the family room - too messy, inconvenient etc - we bit the bullet and had it converted to gas and we love it.  We sit down there in the evenings and it's cozy and yet the upper floors are cool for sleeping. Win Win 

We had an incredibly fun summer of camping and vacationing on a tropical beach. We seen the kids and grand kids and generally had a blast.  Joe still has vacation time left which he will split between hunting late November and a quick weekend trip in Dec to see our BC families.

After failing miserably with a huge cross stitch project I have decided to start again. My eyes just aren't what they use to be and I was having extreme difficulty keeping track of my place on 16 count linen. So I have ordered some 16 count Aida cloth and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. I so love to sit in a sunny window in the afternoon and quietly stitch.  The project is Dressmaker's Daughter.

Joe and I have a new DSL camera which I am trying to figure out. Once I do, I'll post lots of photos of life according to me!

Thanks for hanging around Glenda and that gentle nudge back to Lil Salmon House.


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