And the house is quiet again

What a busy few days we've had. First the Calgary gang arrived with a snowstorm. Saturday was shovel most of the morning and recuperate in the afternoon. The girls stayed with the young'ens...Joey was sick...the men went hunting for meat at The Zoo! I think Aaron won the bragging honours! Sunday was brunch out before we all hit the highway south.
We stopped in at Innisfail to pick up Minard and the others just kept on going. We left the house @ 1:30 this morning and made the mad dash to Cowtown for Minard's flight home...that could have been an ugly wasn't advised but they never went as far as closing the road, so on we went. A few cars in the ditches,and we fishtailed a bit, but we got there in plenty of time. Joe managed to tip toe into the office about 10 minutes late, which is pretty good all things considered. Poor guy, he's working. I think I'll post this and go have a nap!

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