My day isn't as long as others!

What was supposed to be a relaxing weekend with friends and family is quickly evolving into 'who can drive the most or best'.
The QE2 between Calgary & Edmonton is a divided highway, relatively straight, no traffic lights for 3 hours.
Well Lesley just called to say they are crawling along, coming up to an area that was hit by a rogue whiteout in which ~ 8 cars crashed into each other. Now you have the rubber neckers slowing down to check things out instead of watching where they should be driving. So, we're not sure what time our guests will arrive and whether they will be white knuckling it the entire way.
At times like this you have to be happy you have an inboard video system for the kids. They should have had that when we got stuck on the 401 for 8 hours when we moved from Halifax to Kingston and I has 7 months pregnant. Not a pretty site, especially when you have to pee! Try hiding that!
See you when you get here!


Anonymous said...

hope everyone arrives safe and you have a good weekend Paula

Jen said...

Glad to see everyone got home safe and sound. You must have enjoyed having them visit, even if it did snow.