A Day of Reckoning

Well Monday went well, we were both excited about this new challenge. We started Tuesday with confidence and then...the wall! Joe had a salesman bring in trays of desserts to sample...hoping to get a contract. Poor Joe was tempted by some tiramisu...but he didn't cave. But he told me about it! I almost reached for some pudding at the point. It was awful, food was all I thought about for the rest of the day/night. But this morning, we are -2 and -4lbs. Yeah...more soup! Those bananas are going to taste good tomorrow. Survivor and bananas...no nachos...pout.


New MrsIngram said...

Way to go with sticking to the diet .. I thought Leslie had mentioned you starting to but I wasn't sure. It sure does take a lot of will power, but it must be getting slightly easier now that you are seeing results!

MelComeau said...

Ooooh, nachos, don't mention nachos!!

Glad to hear the diet is going good! I'm going to have try this soup, I bought the ingredients today but am a horrible cook...Hope it's edible in the end... :S