We do relax the odd time

We seem to be always 'doing' something, mostly on the house,yard, helping neighbour's, visiting kids, grandkids, and parents. This is just to show you we do other stuff too! Joe finally cracked open his model from Christmas 04! He had to read the instructions before starting - it has been that long since he made a model. Lo & behold we realized he still needs purple paint for his HEMI. The next model is a huge 3 foot USS Missouri! The mighty Mo! Joe has stories about that in action.
The needlepoint is one my sister Lynn gave Lesley as a thank you for hosting her. Lesley tried but couldn't quite get the time to get the technique...so I've finally put my rickety stand together and got it started. The only snag is I have to work on it sideways and sometimes I'm not sure what it's supposed to look like. Sorry the pictures aren't in order...my head can't handle much more than this!

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