Do we have a new record?

Just to set the situation up, I was looking through file folders, pulling out our medical receipts for this years' tax return. I reach into a folder and what comes out but a medical refund cheque for $242! What a could I not have cashed that as soon as we got it. I never put stuff like that out of sight, because everyone knows, out of sight out of mind! So I drafted a letter to the issuing company. I used the humour angle because how else could you explain you would like to have a new cheque! So, all we have to lose is a stamp and our pride...but for that kind of cash, I'm game. BTW...the cheque was dated 7 May 1997! Just 9 little years ago!


Lesley said...

OMG! You can't even blame menopause or old-timers for that one! Right, velcro-lips?

Joe & 'Berta said...

I know, I can't believe it either. Everyone, and I do mean everyone knows how frugal I am, even the Sutherland boys!