A full weekend with the Big Guy!

What a treat is was, having the better half home for the entire weekend, and no guests! Joe has been away for the past 2 weekends and we were in Cowtown to previous one...to drop off Lucie's scanner! And a visit with the family.
So what better way to start the weekend then with a 2 hour drive home for Joe, due to horrid roads, cars & trucks in the ditches in every direction. So we made the executive decision to have pizza & beer for supper.
Saturday we were out shovelling and snow blowing by 8:30. There was a close call, Brian next door thought he should shovel! WRONG! When there is enough snow to blow and Joe is home, he thinks it's his right to clear everyone's drive/walkways on our side of street. After that, he starts on the road itself...and does half way across, 3 houses long!
So after a traditional Saturday lunch of hot dogs...you know it Alex, we started back in the dungeon...and pulled off all the remaining geniune artifical fake wood panelling! Good ridness. Now the dirty job of taping, mudding, sanding, repeat! Oh well, it's only been 7 years...no rush!
Except that we just found out OMO & FOOT are arrving Friday night...hide any weapons! Looking forward to the break!

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Lesley said...

That's right! Hide all sharp objects and heirlooms. The last oops happened when Joseph tried to hide Nannie's big tape measure in the bottom of Nannie Johnston's 3 foot tall ceramic vase.