It's a conspiracy!

What is with all these disposable cleaning products? Are they really good ideas or just a waste of consumer's hard earned money? I am really p'd off with those 2 commercials where the Dad sprinkles good food etc on the floor, in front of the kids, just so he can clean it up with the latest gadget. How dumb can you be? And we wonder why the kids won't clean up their bedrooms!

How much do you spend on cleaning products? I'm trying real hard to cut back on paper towel use. I buy window cleaner, a creamy scrub product, bleach, a liquid general purpose cleaner and some scrubby pads. Along with dish soap, dishwasher detergent, HE laundry stuff, spray n wash, dryer sheets and sometimes liquid fabric all adds up! And it all comes scented!

Now the $64 I need Febreeze?????



Brenda said...

Yeah, my cleaning cupboard was getting a little congested until I discovered Mr Clean Orange Bathroom cleaner. I use it to clean everything including the kitchen sink. Its' wonderful and smells great. No febrezze needed.
It works great on the ceramic tile on the floors in the bathroom and kitchen. And wash and rinse rags in this house, expecially the way Garry goes through T-shirts, I am never withour a bag of rags. Candice is very big on saving the enviroment so years of nagging has paid off.

New MrsIngram said...

I use those Mr Clean magic eraser, they're great. They can get crayon off the walls, nail polish off the hardwood floors before JJ gets home, and almost all of Amy's hair dye off the wall in the bathroom. Other than that I have some oxy type cleaning stuff for the bathroom. Oh yeah and some swiffer pads, now those I find expensive especially when the whole house is hardwood!

Lesley said...

We buy those magic erasers in bulk! With all the little kiddies running around all day the walls/floors take a beating. I also seem to use a lot of chairs (they also get really gross,especially from oatmeal!), mantle, shelves, and bathroom/kitchen countertops after they've been washed...stuff seems to come off easier if it's been pledged first. And multi-purpose windex! They used to have an antibacterial one but I think they stopped making it.