Yikes! Cyber-libel!

I just came across an article in the Globe & Mail about a Kingston woman who slammed her landlord on her blog. She is now being evicted.

Whatever the readership, libel lawyers and technology watchers say as more people use the Internet, the number of people getting in trouble for electronic words whether on websites and blogs, e-mails or electronic bulletin boards is also rising This is a direct quote from the article, so don't sue me, please!

They mention other instances of litigation, mostly from disgruntled employees. I guess we all have to remember that this is not just an electronic form of a personal diary...it's out there for all to see. With that in mind...

How YOU doin?


Lesley said...

You never know who's going to be reading your blogs. I don't post pictures of the dayhome kids but one of the parents was thinking about doing a blog and was concerned about the wrong type of people looking at pictures of his toddler son. Guess you have to think about the big picture and duh! don't be posting tubtime pictures!

New MrsIngram said...

Well I'm sure a picture of me in the tub would scare more away then draw them in but it's true you never know who is reading. In fact I didn't even know some of the family was reading at first until they would start up a conversation about something I had said on the blog.

Brenda said...

Candice and her friends have been blogging before we knew what it was and one of them was posting picutres they took when they did things, like their trip to Montreal, she even says where they live, go to school and work. I got upset and so did candice when she opened her blog and found pictures of herself. She didnt even asked anyone if they mind being put there. I told Candice to tell her no more or I'll deal with her. You never know who's reading or blog surfing and find these things. Candice and her friends just blog surf looking for interesting people to read about. So you never now who's reading

Blog U Say!!! said...

If I remember correctly someone tried to steal Jeremy Identity in just that kinda weird way. They saved his pictures and said that the pictures were of them.

I guess maybe there mom wouldnt let them have Pink/blue/Color of the week hair and dog collars so they used his pics. There are all kind of weirdo's on the NET :~D