Alex shoots, Joey scores!

I'm not sure if other grandparents have the same problem...what to gift the kids that won't give them a sugar rush! Both Joey and Alex like to run around, but running around outside is even better.

So after some research online, we hit the stores in search of some kid friendly soccer nets. We wanted something that wouldn't hurt the boys in case someone gets hip checked into the posts but also something that could be portable. This way, the game can go to the park, cottage or our house...and they wouldn't have to share with the dayhome kids.

Success! After a couple of stores we found some good nets, 1 for each, so no fighting and as they grow, they can have an actual match. We finished the gift with a nerf soccer ball each in different colours. We didn't get the nets outside while we were down, but the hallway made a good site for an impromptu match.


Lesley said...

Aaron and the boys played outdoor soccer last night while I cleaned up the dinner stuff.
It was a perfect gift!
Now, when we put up the big swing set where will the soccer nets go?

Anne said...

That looks like such a cool gift. I bet the boys will have lots of fun with their new toys. Just what you need to wear off the sugar rush.