Changes in the air!

Spring has sprung and so has Joe! After 5.5 years with his second employer he has made the big announcement that he is leaving for a new challenge. Oh, it's with the competition!
Joe was feeling more than a little discouraged when we were down east the last time. Then a new opportunity presented itself via cell phone in Aunt Mina's living room! So Joe transferred over to International and did that for 2 years until the jobs were completed just before Christmas. After going back over to the other side, Joe just didn't get that warm fuzzy feeling and knew it was time to make a choice.
After the last of many interviews, Joe was offered Logistics manager and happily accepted. Now the big question, do they make Joe work his notice out or cut him loose with a cheque?! Stay tuned for an official start date across the road!
Joe, it's so nice to see that spark in your eyes, knowing work will be fun again!


Lesley said...

Let's all keep our fingers crossed for the payout...could be a good down payment on a new Harley. By the way, Joseph has decided to wear his Harley jacket as his Spring coat. Teachers all commented on how grown up/cool he is. Of course he is!

Alberta said...

Well both the Josephs like to look good all the time!

But i don't think so - a mini car perhaps, HD, too short a season!

New MrsIngram said...

Well he is braver than I. I am always so "chicken" about changing jobs, well about changing anything really. I like the familiar .. all the time.

Congrats and good luck with the new job!