House flies already!

I was surprised to find a couple inside yesterday...and then I found a bunch of creepy crawlers coming down the dungeon walls from the basement window. I'm not sure if they have always found their way inside and I just didn't see them against the genuine imitation plastic wood panelling! They sure show up against the mudded drywall...maybe a couple of coats of paint will help. HINT HINT! Joe got escorted out of his previous place of employment yesterday...and has some time off this afternoon. Wish me luck!

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Lucie & Co. said...

Congrats, Joe. Does that mean you won't spend so much time "in the bush"? It would be nice to see you guys more often. I have lots of home projects at my place if Berta runs out of projects for you!
Just kidding 'Berta, I know you won't want to share him for awhile.