And another new generation of gardeners!

I recently had the pleasure of talking to Joseph on the phone. It started with the usual Hi Nannie but soon progressed into the heart of the topic.
Wasn't I surprised when Joseph reminded me that he likes to come to my house so he could pick peas! Indeed he did pick peas last year and after they were done we augmented them with ones from the farmers market. Joseph would stay at the picnic table and pop them all!
Alex wasn't much into peas. He had trouble with the shelling. But point out a carrot and he was more than willing to give it a yank. Nothing quite like eating a freshly pulled carrot that we washed under the garden hose...well...maybe a pea or 2!


Lesley said...

I had to re-read before I realized you were talking about MY Joseph as opposed to YOUR Joseph.
Today he came home from school with a grasshopper picture he'd colored and a message "I love Mommy, Daddy, Sister, Papa and Nanny"...sister?!? that a hint or is he just teasing Alex? He's forever telling all the boys that they're really girls. LOL!

Joe & 'Berta said...

A-HEM! If you think about it, they are both MY Josephs! Greedy aren't I?