Good thing it's raining!

I've sort of ignored my housekeeping this week. I can ALMOST write my name in the dust. I was so excited about things in the yard actually coming together. More and more of the perennials are peaking through...I thought I lost most of them over the winter. We are in Zone 2a, which is a very harsh environment.

Yesterday's surprise were my 2 lupins - yes the famous PEI poopin'n'the'lupins Les is always talking about. I started those suckers last year by seed and hadn't held much hope for them but...fingers crossed.

I did lose 1 rose but replaced it with 2 more and a climber! I think that's even, don't you? Joe was so nice to add a piece to my trellis. so I have a corner for this to grow up.

Our fiddleheads are just starting to wake up...except for a new bunch that shot off to the side...they are ~ 3" we missed those babies!

I started staining the fence. I got the public side all done, looks good. I repainted the trellis at the front door...was white, now a deep green. It gives the house a fresh look. So bit by bit, the work is getting done.

I hope all the Moms have a great Mother's Day Sunday. Heather, hang in there, you will be a full fledged member next year!

OOPS! I just realized that this is post what????


Anonymous said...

Joe Mac...
Should i pick up a few pats of butter on the way home for those fiddle heads...I think a full lbs would be overkill...
But then,,, maybe not


Joe & 'Berta said...

I think we would be lucky to get a dessert fork-full!

Anonymous said...

HI Berta I think it is great that you can grow fiddleheads, you sure do have a green thumb. Love Cheryl