Did someone get a hold of the kids' markers?

After much discussion, probing & prodding and twisting someone's arm... Joe decided to add to his 'art' collection. This is just the first draft of what will turn into a half sleeve...the original work, circa 1975, by Jerry Swallow will be re-touched and coloured and incorporated into the new one. Do you think this is a bit much or a true reflection of Joseph's true colours??? He likes to play with ALL the colours in the crayon box.


Lesley said...

Well, now I want one! Are you booked in yet? Aaron goes this Friday and I've got the sitter lined up for the 10th so I'm going to try and book an appointment for that night - if I can make the final decision of what I want.
Looks good, I'll have to show Aaron!

Blog U Say!!! said...

Hey it's looking good. I never really thought of it before but when someone says "Look's like you put on a couple pounds" I can now reply "yeah I needed more room for Tattoo's." :-)

I havent gotten a new Tattoo in years. It is good to know that I'm definately not to old to still get them.(I can picture April in the back of my mind crying as she reads this comment.)Of course I am to cheap to spend 2K on a Tattoo like Adelard is doing but 2K does seem like a little much to me. I guess I am just to use to getting them done for the price of a Big Mac. ( I sure wish that Wes still lived near by.)


New MrsIngram said...

See I have a couple of little tats in scattered places .. I'm just not ready for everything in one spot yet .. but it does suit Uncle Joe .. or I should say my idea of what Uncle Joe is like!