Did you miss me

It has been 8 days since my hard drive on my new computer crashed and burned so to speak! What a stressful time ever since. I must say that the tech folks were very helpful, and I received the new hard drive Thursday evening. But I was tired and not in the right frame of mind to even consider the install so I put it off until the next day.

Wouldn├Ęt you know it...I ran into a snafu and had to leave everything to go pick Joe up at work for our Calgary Med Hat weekend. As you can see I have a small snafu with my language...no punctuation marks...But with Joe s help, we got the new hard drive installed, rebooted, done the recovery discs...yadda yadda and here I am with a ton of stuff to get caught up on...so give me a day or so...then we leave for the weekend...Jasper here we come...then a birthday, a concert...who am I kidding...I will never catch up.....Drop me a line on what I have missed...Later everyone!

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bren said...

Oh I missed you terribly!
it seems your web address is the only one that shows on my blog so I always know when you've been checking up on me....
I never know when anyone else is peeking into my life... lol
Hot and sunny here today (finally) maybe summer has finally arrived.

Oh what a game last night... I nearly cried! Oilers need a miracle now! This diehard Canuck fan has her fingers crossed!!!!
take care,