We have life!

Well I should say Joe does...in his grape vine patch, little itty bitty buds on 4 vines. Last year, before he left for Club Med AKA Camp Julien, Joe wanted to try his hand at grapes...I think it is a macho thing...bragging rights of sort. We successfully make our own wine and it would be nice to say we grow our own grapes. Yeah, who am I kidding...we'll be lucky to get the vines up high enough to grow up the trellis! Even with a variety that should withstand our harsh winters, we may have lost 1 of the 5 plants. I won't yank it out yet...because you all know that if is comes out of the ground easily...it's a flower or other type of 'keeper'! Only weeds grab on for dear life! Go figure...now I must go and pick those 2 cute yellow flowers that dared showed their faces this morning!

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