What to wear?

I thought I knew the rules, but now I'm doubting myself. Joe has a work retreat in Jasper the second weekend in June. Friday night is a meet 'n' greet - no big deal. Saturday is the award dinner with entertainment. The dress is classified as 'formal, no jeans'!!!!! The guys are wearing shirts & jackets but what about us ladies? I don't want to show up in some fancy 'yet to be bought' gown, panty hose & heels and have all the other women in little sundresses and strappy sandals! I asked Gail what she was going to wear...she's in the same boat but her boat is a lot smaller! I hate shopping by myself and I don't quite get the right feedback from Joe (sorry dear). I think Lesley and the gang are coming up...we may have to hit the malls in a big way.


Lesley said...

Well I have a few things on my list of things to buy too so maybe we'll be hitting the malls w/o the kiddies of course!
If the boys can have an uninterrupted trip to the zoo then I think we deserve some shopping w/o JT and AJ looking under dressing room doors!

Lucie & Co. said...

'Berta, you can never go wrong with the "Little Black Dress". Get a nice relaxing pedicure to go with the strappy saldals, and don't forget the trendy toe rings.

Joe & 'Berta said...

I went shopping/looking last week and I didn't see too many if any little black dresses. Seems olive, browns and paprika/salsa are the in colours. But unless I want to go and really be the talk of the weekend by showing up in my birthday suit...I better get back out there in retail world!