Another full weekend!

I'll just skip to the punch line...yours truly was asleep on the couch by 6:10 pm! I was that tried, wanted to watch Pirates but I only seen the gifting of the sword!
Friday night was busy...I finished loading the camper just before Joe took it over to the shop to get the scissor legs welded on.
Saturday we were at the races...should I mention Joe drove us there the long scenic route!!!! But we timed our arrival well because John (non electronic) raced about 20 minutes after we found our seats! It was loud, stinky but very exciting. The nitrous cars had to be the highlight getting up to 300 + mph in a quarter mile! I had to hold Joe back...I think he was reaching into his pocket for a chequebook!
Sunday morning was rough...neither one of us wanted to crawl out of bed, but we knew we had people waiting for us. We got to the Red Lodge estates ~ 10:30. Joseph & Alex came running out of the cottage to meet us. I went with Lesley and the boys to feed Auntie Arlene's chickens while Brian helped Joe back the camper into it's spot. Brian & Deb could have as many as 5 RV's by the long weekend, but ours has the best vantage point!
I helped Lesley load up her van with the extras we brought down....the small climber slide - which I totally forgot about the week prior, a carry on tote for their flight, and the stepper for someone's workout. I enjoyed using it but I just don't have the round tuit these days!
By 1pm we were back on the road home again, and we even had supper before 6pm! Now please excuse me...because you read the first line, you now know that I must go and do up my last night supper dishes!

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