I'm sorry but I had to give up!

My days lately seem to be so crazy, partly because I do have a lot of projects going on all at the same time. I'm trying to keep on schedule BUT...today even my best worked out plan didn't exactly come off the way I had it figured out.
Picture this...Joe has a full size truck, I have a compact station wagon. There has been a very large cardboard box, about the size of a truck bed (cuz that's how we got the box in the first place!) sitting by my garbage can waiting to go to the recycle depot. It's been sitting there for ~ a month. Today I got sit and tired of looking at that and cut it down into bite sized pieces and loaded up my car.
I also planned on dropping of my pop bottles at the depot. They have been sitting there since yesterday when I went out...couldn't drop them off because the depot was blocked by the transport truck that clears the depot. I hope you follow so far. Of course there was the odd beer bottle in the garbage bag, so yes, my car now stinks!
So I go and get rid of the cardboard and a few other small things. I run to the post office and get a shipping price on a needlepoint I'm freecycling to a woman on the other side of the province. Things are looking good. Now to head to the bottle depot, where they will sort your bottles/cans for you.
I pull into the entrance and there are a couple of vehicles in front of me. I can't see around the corner of the building but hey, these people are fast at their jobs, I shouldn't have to wait long. I sit, and sit and sit...nothing is moving. Now this is a bit odd. After 15 minutes of not moving, I get out of the car and walk around the corner of the building. You will never guess what I see!
There is a truck with a very large horse trailer stacked to the top with garbage bags of bottles and it's still half full! I stood there and after the woman brought in 8 bags, and it taking ~ 5 minutes to sort...I knew it wasn't my day/week to do a bottle run. Just as I was trying to decide what to do, a retired looking guy walked over with 1 garbage bag on his little walker seat thingy. It only took me a second to decide to ask him if he would like to cash in my bag along with his. At first he didn't understand, he wanted to know where to meet so he could give me my money...I said no, if he was going to do the task, he would keep the money. I think I made his day as he sat on the walker seat with a great big grin. In reality, you, my new friend, YOU made my day! Thanks for the awesome timing!

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Joe Mac...
Gotta love a woman whose car smells like a brewery...