I can almost feel the burn!

I actually got a lot more accomplished once I stopped at took a fresh look. My new compact multi-functional room is coming together. I'll have to live in there before I decide on shelves etc.
the workout room has an almost finished BowFlex in it. We got hot & tired around step 9 and thought we should stop before we make a mistake or one of us gets hurt! Tomorrow should be an exciting day...I'll finish up the machine and Joe will get his new tat coloured after work. I'll try and blog a photo before I head to bed...I know you won't sleep well until you see it!!!!! SASS!
Friday Joe golfs for a work function. I'll pick him up afterwards a sneak a peak at the M'ville facility...you never know who may be hiring in the fall!
Saturday is the opening of the St Albert farmer's market....gotta go! We make our weekend menu based on what we find! Sometimes it's pickles & pies! Later we hope to meet up with David and the gang and do supper out...spaghetti perhaps. On top of spaghetti, all covered in sauce...I lost my poor meatball....and I forget the rest of it...help me out someone!

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