I hope there isn't a palimony fight!

Heather was joking around about keeping Cody aka Zodie! Seems we went through this a few years ago with our dear friend Rob. Rob even went so far as to send us pictures of him and Zodie camping & fishing, just to prove his palimony rights. It was a stressful time, with Cody getting lots of pats, walks and ball tosses. But at the end of the day, I know who she'll curl up with - ME!
So we are off to Cowtown to visit with the girls and family. Japanese Village tomorrow night for Joe's birthday dinner. He'll get to wear the kimono and wig while a bunch of non English speaking sumo sized men try and sing Happy Birthday to him. It should be fun and I hope someone else brings their camera...I'll be too busy trying to eat my dinner with chopsticks!
Have a great weekend, everybody!


Lesley said...

If I give him the thong before we go to the village maybe Dad could pretend to be a sumo wrestler!
I'm sure that just gave everyone reading this the shivers...love you Dad!

Joe & 'Berta said...

I almost choked on my cereal, reading that! I had sort of forgotten about the surprise gift...thank goodness I didn't get anything like that! My prize underwear came close though!

Lesley said...

Hey, Dad said that he wanted something different and a once in a lifetime kind of gift...I think this is it!

Heather and Jeff (and baby Jonathan) said...

I think he might have been thinking of perm art...not a thong...but oh well...he didnt specify!

sucks to be Dad...on second thought, maybe it will suck to be anyone who sees him in his thong....