Rocking after 50!

Last night was Joe's birthday concert. Last year it was his idol Willie Nelson. This year - Randy Bachman & Burton Cummings. What a show it was.
We arrived early so we could get good parking in case it was pouring down rain. It wasn't, so we went into the lobby to check out the merchandise. It was wall to wall people...mostly our age or older. The women were crowded around the 'stuff' and the guys were huddled around a couple of TV's tuned into the big game. We didn't need to see the screen to know it was a good close game. We went up to the first balcony where our seats were, and could still hear the roar of the crowd.
Finally the warm up act starts..Serena Ryder who has a very powerful voice but comes across as a cross between kd lang and Neil Young. Once she finds her nitch or we just get used to her, she will be a name in CDN music history.
But the main draw. the legends direct from good ol' Winnipeg were awesome! It was like they were back in the 70' it all they had. It was so nice to hear the favorites from the Guess Who days along with the hits of BTO.
Of course they couldn't help but see some of the audience decked out in Oiler jerseys and they gave the crowd score updates which only raised the frenzy in the auditorium. Burton walked back staged for a quick break while Randy was wailing on his guitar, and emerged a minute or 2 later sporting an Oiler jersey himself. The crowd went crazy. Before the end of the night, Randy was also wearing one. 2 standing ovations later, with arms around each other, the concert closed. But we left with some great music in our souls and another home game of hockey to look forward to.

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