Papa aka Grampy's 80th Birthday 3 June 2006

We couldn't have ordered better weather! We almost had a small glitch with the birthday cake, which I pre-ordered for pickup just before the festivities began. For some reason, they didn't do it, but the bakery folks jumped right in and decorated another one just in the end...we had a very nice cake! No candles...a resident snuck into the kitchen and walked away with them while we were getting Papa settled out on the back patio!

Joe & I gave Papa a park bench for the back patio, so all the residents and their guests can enjoy the lovely back yard. Heather & Lesley gave Papa a couple of golf shirts, navy with white strips and white with burgundy...very sharp looking. Lynn and the boys gave Papa a nice cologne, a game of checkers, some goodies - cookies, maple fudge like candies, and a few other things which escape my mind right now. Papa did supervise the building of the bench and we all sat on it afterwards...gave it the true stress test. I'll post the pic of Papa & Joe in a separate blog....this one wouldn't let me add any more pics! Oh well...It was a great time!

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