They don't come nicer than Jo!

We have such a fantastic neighbour, Joanne...she is everything you could possibily want. She watches over the house and Chow when we go away, she calls me if she hasn't seen me out in the yard for a while, we even share wine back and forth over the fence.
Well she surprised Joe with an early birthday cake and the biggest bottle of homemade wine I have ever seen! When I say homemade wine, I should clarify that statement and say home crafted! Jo puts so much take and attention and herself into each know it will taste great because it's made with love!
Our house is priceless because we have such a nice friend just over the fence! Thanks Jo!

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Anne said...

Isn't it nice when you have great neighbors. We have also been very lucky when it comes to our neighbors. Hope you both enjoy your weekend. Sounds like you will be busy.