Do these go together?

I guess if I was brave enough to wear these clothes I could work for the circus, but seeing as they are growing in my garden...what's a girl to do but take a few pictures.

Off topic, Alcide finally got the go ahead to head up to Fort McMurray, after a half day of pacing. he wasn't worried, just anxious to get going and making some of that Alberta money!
Joe & I enjoyed our surprise visit from him and we hope he can return for a weekend when the Eskimos are playing! Good luck with the new job Alcide!


Jen said...

How pretty! They look like postcards. Hey, you should take the pics and get Lesley to make them into her cards.

My garden looks like crap. We have been having so much rain and fog, the only thing doing half decent is the tomotoes. The rest is just pitifull. I am so envious!

Joe & 'Berta said...

Jen, these are real easy to grow with lots of show value. Best news, they come up every year!

My veggie garden is quite sad...the lettuce, swiss chard, beets all got eaten by the birds as it came up. I did re-seed and maybe I'll get something. Lots of tomoat flowers, no fruit yet. I do have some zucchinis coming along and fingers crossed, I'll be able to give Joseph & Alex a home grown pumpkin for Hallowe'en. Now to stop mowing over the ends!!!!