Happy Canada Day all!

Well you know what they say about the best laid plans.... sometimes they get even better.

David, Paula and the boys are in the city for appointments and the convention. Joe & I thought it would be nice to do supper out and get caught up on all the news tonight.

David arrived here after dropping the others off. We chatted and headed to the Farmer's Market where we got our goodies for lunch! Ah...and it was so ggooood! Got home to hear the phone message from Alcide... he's in town! We didn't even know he was coming this way, oh well.

So we aren't going out for supper, David is bringing his family back here...the travelers are starting to feel human again after a shower, clean clothes and a cold drink. The steaks are ready to go onto the barbie...and I'm in charge of salad and potatoes! The gang is almost all here...what a great country we live in. Our doors are always welcome to friends, new & old, and especially family!

And here are my July 1 red roses - 1 for me and 1 for you!

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