I thought we had a good weekend

It started on Friday for Joe with a company golf tournament. I still don't remember how he did but he came home with stuff!

On Saturday, we had plans with David...he met us and we all went out to the farmer's market. You can never have a bad day there, there were even a couple new booths which I will check out closer over the course of the summer. We picked up some garden fresh peas for Joseph, a foccacia for lunch and some suede booties, size 2 for Tic Tac. They didn't have the tasty baby carrots that Alex likes, yet.

Even before lunch, we got the message that Alcide was in town...didn't even know he was coming out...so got him the directions to the lil salmon house and got moving. Our plans for dinner out with Paula, David and the boys quickly turned in to a backyard BBQ. We had just as much fun but with more people. David even managed to stay awake until a decent hour! Jet lag is a killer.

Sunday we quickly cleaned up house, showed Alcide & Darrel the lay of the land, house wise and headed for Cow town. Joseph's school had a fund raiser at the casino...lucky us, we got to count the day's haul. I suppose it wouldn't be proper to comment any further but we did count a certain ex NHL's er money too! Got to bed around 3 am.

We then drove to the Beck's cottage and collected the camper. It was starting to get really hot and by the time we got home, it was downright uncomfortable. Even a cool shower wasn't refreshing.

Today is back to work and all the other things that come with day to day living. I hope no one complains, but it's hot dogs & potato chips for supper!

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