Still laughing through the pain!

After bandaging up the ankle so he could drive, Joe toughed out most of the day at work. As he calls it, there were crocodiles everywhere, which is par for any Monday. He did ask me if I had an air brake course...he's short drivers today for a staff run. It sounded like a good idea until he realized that the ride wouldn't be pretty...not with my values and their not so 'delicate' language. Am I that much of a prude? You bet I am! Why should I lower my standards at this point in my life?
Not sure what excitement tonight will bring...I haven't connected with Buffy and family yet. I called a few places & I did have a nice chat with Dale though, nothing like stirring the employment pot from time to time! No jumping into the fire until after our holidays...I may still have to drive the truck & camper...and until I've finalized the books for this year's audit!

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