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Joe fall down, go BOOM!
Off to the Medi for x rays...back to Medi Centre...not broken. very bad dancing for at least a month. I wonder if I can back that silly camper up in anothing smaller than a football field? Don't put any money on it!
Lesley has the know, I think she could be one of those secret photojournalists for the National Inqui*er!!! She has her camera ready for all the special moments.
A special Thank you for Kathryn timely EMS attendance...yes we will make your wedding cake for the flavour!
Thanks to Gary, who for some unknown reason carried the tray of BBQ ribs into the house seconds before you know who fall down, go boom!
Thanks everyone for cleaning up the kitchen and locking the door on the way out. It's not the way the day should have ended was quite the distraction, wasn't it!
All in all, it was another great weekend. Brian showed Gary all his old haunts..., the guys got in some good golfing, new pictures on the wall of fame...and Lesley helped me spend Joe's money on a holiday wardrobe.


Joe & 'Berta said...

Joe was slow getting up this morning, but was determined to go to working lunch today! Sandals have replaced shoes, so no visitng the warehouse and practicing on the new fork lift. He's laughing a bit more, so he's on the mend!

Lucie & Co. said...

Not NEARLY enough information! How did he fall? What did he sprain? Details & pictures required, please.

Lucie & Co. said...

I guess I should have read Leslie's blog before posting all those questions. I hope the bum foot doesn't make the drive to New Brunswick too difficult. Rotten timeing, my sympathies, Joe.

The Big Guy said...

It only hurts when i laugh,,,And yes it's true, the bigger they are the harder they fall,,,Thanks everyone for the help...i really appreciate it.