There's some misbehavin' going on!

We all had a busy week, Joe at work, me around the house and our house guests getting ready for work in Redneck Country.
While Joe & I were walking around the market in search of the elusive green tomatoes - yes we prevailed! - we made an executive decision - wings & pizzas along with martinis and other drinks and maybe a game or 2 on a Saturday night in Morinville. Well, we didn't get the games done, too busy chatting and telling true stories. Joanne popped over and there were more stories...We had lots of fun and just a little heartburn.
Tonight we managed to score another seat at Jubilations and will drag Alcide along for tonight's performance of Emergency Room. I am designated driver, so you know who can just go for it! I'll take the camera in case there is an on stage appearence to blog tomorrow! Stay tuned, same time, same Bat channel!

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