Where is the time going?

Seems I have so much yet to do before we leave for the Maritimes. Dropping 50 pounds would be great but it's not gonna happen! You'll have to take me as I am...and that may be in old clothes if I don't get moving and go shopping!

There's something about shopping for clothes with Joseph...I can clearly remember the time he wanted to be helpful and was trying to find me a nice 'pant suit'! And that wasn't all that long ago. Dear, we are in the new century.

I don't have a problem spending money with the girls. I wonder if it's because they like to spend their daddy's cash or they are just very good at picking out stuff for me. Then there's shoes - let's not go there!

Have a great weekend all. We are starting things off right with a friendly match up between the Eskimos and the Lions. Wally won't know what hit him, I hope! Tomorrow after a dump run, we are off to the farmer's market. A farmer has promised to bring in some green tomatoes! YUMMY! And Sunday evening is Emergency Room @ Jubliations with our dear friend Joanne.

Don't forget to use all the colours in the crayon box!


Lesley said...

Well I suppose I'll have to take you on one more shopping extravaganza before we go on holidays. If Tina bails on us for next weekend then we'll be up, otherwise we'll be forced to bring our 2 little fashion advisors with us the following weekend.
A word from advice from Kate : don't wear a thong if you're going to be needing assistance from a sales clerk in the fitting room...I think her mom was more embarrassed than Kate while trying on the wedding gowns. LOL!

Jen said...

I know Berta, I was trying to lose weight before the big event to, but I seem to keep getting derailed. Oh well.

I have tried to do some shopping, and there is just no nice plus size clothes in Saint John. I have gone to every store in this city, some three times, in the last month trying to find some clothes and all I ended up with was a sweatshirt, and two pairs of pants. It doesn't help that I am just between regular sizes and plus sizes. When I try to find plus size shirts they are all down to my knees with my boobs hanging out. I guess they figure if you get wider, then you must get taller as well.

Hopefully we will both find something nice to wear for the wedding!