What a great phone call I just had!

My friend Peggy called from Halifax on the Skype system. I've downloaded the software, now to get the headset/microphone so I can call her, gratis at least until the end of the year.

Peggy & I went to high school together...Class of '74. We are fellow suffers of Mr. Mahoney's English class. He really was a dear but when you're 17/18...Anyone over 25 seems ancient.

I've found that every now and then you run across someone who makes being friends easy. It doesn't matter that we haven't always been physically close, but we always seem to keep the other in our thoughts. Well when Peggy called, it was like we were back on the Miramichi, making plans. The talk flowed so easily...you knew it was right.

The same thing happened a couple of summers ago, when Brenda & Bette popped in for a quick visit. It was like we started where we left off. You know, I bet Peggy & Brenda would get along great too.

I am so happy to be me.


Anonymous said...

Joe Mac,
Hey Babe, You Rock...

Brenda said...

I love when that happens. Just a few month ago I opened a Toront newspaper and there was Tracy Cato. She is the new director of the food bank in Toront. Tracy was one of the girls I went to Boliva with. It was nice to reconized someone like that. I yet to email her and let her know, hey Im here.