3 weeks plus 16 hours!

That is how long we were away from our home and Chow! At least she is still speaking to us - barely!
Great return trip home. We had the unexpected pleasure of back seat company - Heather! It was a nice opportunity to look back at past vacations when the girls were small and reintroduce Heather to camping! I'm not sure if she will ever want to camp again with her family but it was a good refresher course. That fact that she survived you know who's snoring gives her bragging rights. I'm not sure, but perhaps I will leave our 'best' camp site for Heather to chat about!
Our house guests are gone without a note. We had spoken with Joanne, so knew this was for real, but it would be nice to know where they are so I can return a few small things left behind and pick up our spare house key.
The garden is doing very well - sniff sniff...better than I expected! I thought I was the only one who knew what it needed in the form of TLC....this is a big shot to my green thumb ego, but as soon as we grill up that 2 foot long zuke, I'll get over it!
Today we will complate the laundry plus all the towels and bedding in the house, clean out the camper and get it back into the driveway. Gee, I wonder if I still know how to drive a standard???
I hope everyone has a great weekend. Stayed tuned for pictures and more vacation deatils. It was by far, one of our best vacations to date because we got to see so many of our families!

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