Finally got some online time!

It's been a whirl wind visit so far...and things got a little hectic yesterday - April, Henry, Nannie and the girls arrived mid afternoon! After a quick bbq supper, more arrived, Heidi, Adelard, Noella & Nobel and then Ed came over with the guitar...needless to say, no one went to bed at their regular time!
So far we have visited Aunt Anna and Luger, they are both well and looing forward to the wedding. Aunt MaryAnne,Aunt Bette, and lots of others are coming up from the south part of the province. Aunt Mina should be back from Aline's - she went with Luois and Crystal for a quick visit. We caught her just before she left, in the midst of baking goodies for the trip. She is looking well. LeeAnne is on vacation in PEI, so we missed her.
We went over to Heath Court and checked out the old 'hood. The house looks good, they added a front deck. We learned from Agus that the big round brown bath tub was removed...they probably wanted to turn the room back into a bedroom. Angus is looking good and we even met up with Audie! Audie works in NWT, 4 in 2 out. Just as we were leaving, Troy showed up, looking pretty good. Nice to see the boys are checking on Dad and keeping him busy. Hopefully Hamel can do his magic and get Angus out to Calgary - if he does, we may scoot down and take a side trip to see Dad in the Hat.
That's just a quick outline of our trip. Joe has all the pics downloaded on his computer and Henry will try and get the bugs out of his wireless contection so we can post some.
For those interested, we did stop into Manitouwadge and get 2 entries in the free house draw. So we may have another reason to stop in on the trip pick up some keys!!!! Have a great Saturday. We are off to Halifax to see Peggy, Emile & Michelle tomorrow. After that, I don't know but we will see you at the airport Tuesday. Have a great flight, get some rest because you are going to be busy!


Lesley said...

Get rest? As if! We had Calaway Park today and company overnight, Sunday is booked with party prep & birthday party for Alex and Monday is last minute packing/cleaning day...I'm hoping I'll get to sleep on the plane but Aaron and I just realized that with the time changes we only actually fly for about 4 hours and then 2 hours. We'll just have to wing it I think- although we're totally out of practise for pulling all nighters!

Lucie & Co. said...

Whirlwind is right! It all sounds like a lot of fun. Give my "hello's" and best wishes to all the kin-folk.