August 23, 2006 was a special day

My Uncle Steven and his special lady, Mary, finally tied the knot in Quebec. It was to be a quiet small intimate affair as both had had the big weddings the first time around. Aunt Bessie was one of the witnesses and I hope that my cousin Samantha was also in attendance. She has recently returned from a teaching job in Taiwan.

Another special person in the MacAulay extended family is Maria Paul Lefebvre. Joe was first introduced to MP ~ 6 years ago in a remote northern camp. They instantly hit it off. Soon Joe was dragging MP along to all his projects, including Ghost River cadet camp, where the girls and I first met this mysterious Maria. Well didn't she make a wonderful first impression on all including Jeff. When a co-worker pushed his/her lunch dishes towards MP to take to the dishwashing area, Maria pushed them back and said..."No Darling, you take yours, these are my guests and I will take theirs" or something similar. Well this very special lady, who also traveled to Afghanistan with Joe and put in ~ 2 years straight there with the odd vacation on the Gaspe coast, just turned a very young 64! Oh to be half as energetic, adventurous and free spirited as Maria Paul. Hope you had a very Happy Birthday!

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