Why didn't I do this before?

I had the Post Office hold our mail while we were gone and it worked out so well, I may only check my mailbox once or twice a week now.

I did have a box full of the third class stuff...ie flyers, local newsletters, and such junk, but it only took about 3 minutes to go through it all and drop all but this week's grocery flyers into the recycle bin. Before I would carefully look through each page in case there was something I 'needed'. Yeah right, who am I kidding except for myself.

When I went to collect my real mail, I took along a canvas tote to carry it all. What a joke that was! There was 11 envelopes in total for me, Joe and Dad! That averages out to a half letter per day! So why do I walk to that stupid box every day? Nah...it can't be for the exercise!


Lesley said...

As pathetic as this sounds checking the mailbox is one thing
I look forward to each day although I think it's directly related to that meaning that the dayhome kids have all gone home for the day!

Joe & 'Berta said...

Well, I guess when you are surrounded by as many ankle biters as you are Lesley, an outting is an outting!