Can't put it off any longer

We have so many apples still on the tree, the branches are sagging! I'm going to try and weigh the good usable ones as I bring them into the house. The birds have enjoyed some and so has Joseph & Alex! I don't have any apples on the bottom brnaches because they both thought apples looked a lot like balls! And boy do they have good throwing arms. I can see both of them playing baseball at some time in the future. Mind you, someone will have to gently explain to them to pitch the ball towards their team mate not drill directly at their HEADS! I found more apples from previous visits, underneath some of my annuals that I cleaned out of the flower bed earlier this week. Too bad the boys aren't around to climb to the top of the tree for Nannie!

The pumpkins are almost all orange...not sure if they still grow after that or just stay the same size. I have one for each of the grandsons and a few for me to put up in the freezer. I'll post photos as soon as I re-install my camera software...seems it disappeared...but that's another story!

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