It must have been a hundred dollar sandwich!

That's an expensive sandwich unless you calculate in the cost of all the TLC that went into growing those plump red tomatoes! YUP! We had the first ripe Manitoba tomatoes for supper in the form of toasted BLT's! Joe had to throw in some cheese for extra goodness on his. I tell you, it was worth the wait many months...started the seeds in the house in March...this is September 13, so about 6 months! But a good 6 months!
I just hope our weather forecasters are WRONG....some are saying we could have white stuff before the end of the week! I'll be busy tomorrow, picking all the tomatoes and a few hundred pounds of apples, just in case!


Jen said...

Oh, at least your turned red. Mine are still green. Glad to see you are enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Brenda said...

Sorry guys,I have been eating tomatoes off my plants within 4 weeks and still going. At least 3 a week. I got them end of May. But of course the weather here is much different.