Grinning from ear to ear!

Nope...I haven't started building the greenhouse! But I got a couple of nice things from Saskatchewan!

Joe arrived home safely after taking delivery of his new for work Sprinter! He knew what he was getting, but the actual size and roominess of the unit surprised him. And the real big has a govenor on speeding tickets for this baby!

Joe just happened to stop by Lee Valley for me and picked up 3 tins of this goody. I still don't know why they won't sell it in AB...something to do with the cows....I hope it's not linked to BSE! MOOOOOOO!


Jen said...

What's the Bag Balm for? Is it for your oh-so-overworked gardening hands? I could use some of that.
Well, not that I have done much of anything this year, but I have big plans for next season!

Alberta said...

Bag Balm is simply the best for rough hands and feet. It was originally promoted for sore cow teats but soon found its way into human use. I think Shania Twain had something to do with that. When I was in food services, Bag Balm was the only thing that soothed and help heal my hands on my down time. I highly recommend it despite the medicinal aroma!