It's that time of year!

With the cooler temperatures, it's that time again to clean up the yard in preparation for ...dare I mention it...snow.

I have the flower beds all cleaned out, but have to wait for the big freeze before I put my roses to bed. They are something you can't do early. The veggie garden is done except for 7 lonely pumpkins, still on the vine awaiting their time to be cut and delivered. Joseph & Alex will each get a big one (well the 2 biggest in the patch!) and the rest I will prep into puree for future pies and/or muffins.

The lawn will be cut and mulched as soon as it dries, hopefully this afternoon. I have the whipper snipper on to charge up for a last trim. I also have a half bag of good quality grass seed which I will use to overseed the front lawn. We have been doing this to the back for several years and now have a very plush lawn that requires only a minimum of care, mostly cutting and the odd weed to hand dig up. Now if we could just figure out how to neutralize the dog pee! The sea weed fertilizer does help with the regrowth in the spring, but the odd patch is resistant!

If the weather Gods permit, I will start removing sod this weekend where my new greenhouse will live. This is an early anniversary gift from Joe, he knows how much I enjoy being outside with my plants and just getting dirty. This winter, those seed catalogues that arrive about the same time as the holiday bills, will take on a whole new look to these eyes! The easy to install instructions says it will take 2 adults ~ 8 hours to build once the foundation is done. For that I have to source out some beefy lumber, 4 x 6's and 2 x 12's...and the landscape fabric and pea gravel for drainage. Lots of fun! Stayed tuned for updates and photos. No updates means no progress!


Jen said...

Oh, I just love being outside playing in the dirt to! I know what you mean.

Seed catalogues to me are like the Sears Wish Book to a 9 year old! I just look at them and daydream...oh fun............

bren said...

omigosh!!! you're talking of the "S" word and we still have people swimming in my neck of the woods.
not me of course.. I'm a baby!!
can hardly wait to see your yard. hopefully I'll be doing my yearly (missed this year cause of school) trip up to Slave...

Wendy said...

Greenhouses - that sounds like a fantastic gift! And what better way to spend those long winter afternoons? I'm very envious...and I hope to see pictures when you and hubby get them installed.

Stitch or no stitch said...

What a lovely anniversary present for an avid gardener. Looking forward to 'greenhouse raising' progress pictures.