Works for Me Wednesday

I knew before we bought the house, I needed some changes made to have a workable kitchen.

First, I needed a wall re-installed between the front room and the kitchen. Someone had taken it down and anyone coming to the front door could immediately see everything on the main level. And I hated the idea of sitting at a kitchen table mere centimeters away from my couch and in plain view! So the wall went back up and that left us with a small awkward corner on the kitchen side.

But it was just perfect for a swedish put it together yourself using pictograms pantry closet. It was just a plain white plastic box with shelves - we added more! I took an $8 can of blackboard paint, and painted a large rectangle with a foam brush. Three coats later...I have a very workable blackboard for menu plans, grocery lists, important things to remember etc. After ~ 18 months, I may recoat the black...from the same can. Talk about bang for your buck!


Blog U Say!!! said...

I have never heard of blackboard paint but wow what a great Idea. IF APril would let me I'd be having some of that in every room of the house. Especially the kids rooms with a chore schedule. The little reminders each day like "Make your bed" then "Come for Breakfast" .

I'd have way to much fun with it. Like "You only have XXXXXXX days left on your punishment.

I may be going to the hardware store tonight.



Alberta said...

Henry or should I say, April, you can paint almost anything with blackboard paint. I'm heard about kid table tops, clipboards and even the back side of 'plastic' dollar store type place mats. Just be sure to use a good foam brush, multiple coats for good coverage and make each coat as smooth as possible. Then let cure for a week or so and write away! Now...have you heard about the metal paint that turns any hard surface into a magnet board? Combine a few coats of that, top with blackboard paint, and you are ready for all kinds of notes! Even detentions!

Kaci said...

I've heard about this blackboard paint so many times that I may have to give in & give it a shot. Awesome idea - like your own little bistro!

The Big Guy said...

Good supper choises...And tea with duff...

Larae said...

Great idea! I've been meaning to buy some blackboard paint for a while now.. I'll have to give this a try!