Where can I hide the apples?

I got some positive comments about the pies, but do you realize how much work is involved in prepping these things? After a couple of hours of washing,coring,sectioning and then peeling these slippery suckers, I had enough apples for 3 more pies! I did measure it out and add the sugar and cinnamon to each before putting it into the freezer bags. I know I will appreciate all the hard work in January when we are eating leftover turkey and want a yummy dessert. But yesterday, my cold,wet and cramped hands were telling me otherwise!

On a happy note, we did join Lucie and her friend Bev for supper in the city. I can see why Lucie enjoys Bev's company so much, she is so easy to talk to about anything! But we gorot the hoilday pictures, so Lucie wants to come up for a weekend so we can really get comfy in our pj's, enjoy a libation or 2 and catch up!


Stitch or no stitch said...

Hi 'Berta
My you must have sore hands today after all that chopping. I'll drop by in January for dessert.(lol)
I saw your question on Wendy's blog & couldn' help but drop by. Like you, I used to think needle rolls were huge pincushions. Wrong!! Originally people used them to wrap their stitching projects around to keep them nice and neat while they weren't working on them. Today I guess most people just use them for decoration (eg - a number of them arranged in a basket).

Alberta said...

Thanks for stopping by Margaret! I should have all the apples done by January!

Stitch or no stitch said...

Don't feel silly. Remember how I wrote that I thought exactly the same thing.
Just noticed on an older blog entry of yours that you're also from Northern Ontario. I was raised in Fort William/Thunder Bay.
Great to meet another northerner.