13 brings good things

Yup, it's Friday the 13th of a short work week. I just wished I worked so I could stop, if that makes any sense.

Good things happen on the 13th. Joe was born on the 13th and Les & Aaron got married on the 13th. I wonder if Jonathan will make his debut on the 13th! Heather arrived the day after my birthday...that was mostly my fault...I didn't want to share my birthday...I thought it would be important for HL to have her own special day.

Hope everyone has a good one - please add your experiences and perhaps we can collectively debunk that age old superstition.


Heather and Jeff (and baby Jonathan) said...

like you crossed your legs for 24 hours to give me my own day...just kidding...im not sure when the little guy will make his appearance...any time from the 3rd of Dec to Jan3...but the dr said that I will have him before the end of the year if she has her way...yippee Dec baby...Jeffs mom birthday is just after Christmas (27th I think) and their family knows thats its a seperate holiday so Jonathan wont get ripped off for gifts...you know the saying "his fair share and nothing less"


Alberta said...

Of course JRAK will get his own day!

I see that the 13th wasn't good for much of southern ON & the northern US...lots of snow, trees fallen and no hydro.

That has Joe thinking about a generator...seems odd he wasn't worried when Y2K was rolling around...maybe because we are older and don't bounce back quite so much!

Karen said...

I'm not very superstitious myself. Nothing strange or unusual happened here yesterday. Just another day ;p. It is kinda neat how you have so many family members with happy events on the 13th though. :)

The pattern you asked about on my blog is Jingle Bells Christmas Tree Farm by Victoria Sampler. Below is a link to a picture of it on Victoria Sampler's website.


Lesley said...

Well Aaron and I's first date was on a Friday the 13th so it seemed only fitting that we get married on a Friday the 13th!